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A Screenshot Showcasing A Custom Outline In Zimmwriter.

ZimmWriter custom outlines are the perfect tool for you if you are a blogger looking for a way to write content quickly and efficiently.

Unlocking the power of custom outlines in ZimmWriter can give you the control to create fantastic content easily.

You can efficiently structure your content with H2s, H3s, and H4s and use custom variables like {list} and {table}.

With ZimmWriter, you can create great content in no time.

Review 2023:

You can unlock the power of custom outlines in ZimmWriter to create blog posts with H2s, H3s, and H4s, as well as custom variables like {list} and {yt}, to make your content stand out in 2023.

To make the most of this feature, you must understand how to use custom outlines in ZimmWriter effectively. Bulk Writer and ZimmWriter can generate content based on custom outlines, with a single line in the input box becoming an H2 subheading and a dash () or double dash () for H3s and H4s, respectively.

You can also use custom variables like {list} and {table} to add lists and tables to your content, although there is a 5% chance of these not appearing with lower-powered models. Additionally, the {yt} variable prompts the AI to search for relevant YouTube videos but requires ScrapeOwl.

To maximize the benefits of custom outlines, disable the auto-h3s checkbox in Bulk Writer and take note of the other tips and tricks.

Keypoints: Custom Outlines

Custom outlines are an essential part of content creation. They allow you to create well-structured, organized blog posts quickly and efficiently. With ZimmWriter, custom outlines can easily generate content with H2s, H3s, and H4s.

Plus, you have access to custom variables such as {list}, {table}, {auto_h3_#}, and {yt} that can be used to streamline your content creation further. These features are important for creating effective content, providing structure and organization.

Moreover, many successful blog posts have been created using custom outlines. So, unlock the power of custom outlines in ZimmWriter and create amazing, impactful content.

Features: Custom Outlines

Custom Outlines provide an array of benefits, such as the ability to generate content quickly, control over the structure of the article, and the ability to use H2 & H3 subheadings.

You can use variables to create lists or set parameters to generate H3s and automatically add a YouTube video.

Bulk Writer and Custom Outlines provide different ways to generate content, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Custom Outlines

Access the power of custom outlines in ZimmWriter to create content more efficiently and effectively.

Unlock the potential of custom outlines to craft compelling articles and blogs.

With case studies of their successful usage and best practices, you can easily create custom outlines to define topics and structure content.

ZimmWriter’s custom outlines feature allows for the bulk creation of content with a consistent structure and format.

You can also use custom variables to prompt the AI to create lists and tables.

Utilizing the power of custom outlines, you can save time and energy while ensuring accuracy and quality with each article.

A Screen Shot Of The Custom Template Option In Zimmwriter.

Bulk Writer: With and Without Custom Outlines

The bulk writer in Zimmwriter can be used with or without custom outlines, serving different purposes.

Without a custom outline, the writer generates the outline, list, and tables randomly, suitable for articles without a specific template.

However, with a custom outline, you can create a template that applies to all articles, specifying headings, lists, tables, and even videos.

Custom outlines offer more control and customization, while bulk writing is faster but less tailored.

Variables like {list} and {table} can optimize custom outlines for better results.

H2 & H3 SubheadingsUsing H2 and H3 subheadings helps structure your article and make it easier to read. Use a dash (-) for H3 and a double dash (–) for H4.
Variables & ListingsCustom variables like {list} and {table} can generate lists and tables automatically. {auto_h3_#} generates specified number of H3s. {yt} prompts for a YouTube video.
Auto-H3 & YouTube Videos{auto_h3_#} and {yt} allow customization of content. Use {optimize_title} with {yt} for better results. Auto-h3 checkbox incompatible with {auto_h3_#}.
Overriding SettingsCustom outlines allow overriding Bulk Writer and Penny Arcade settings but can cause inaccurate content if not used properly.
Variable Order & Auto-KeywordsOrder variables properly (e.g. {list} before {table}). Use appropriate auto-keywords to avoid inaccurate content.
Information & OwnershipCustom outlines allow customization and control over content for bloggers and creators.
Editing & OptimizationEdit and optimize outlines by rearranging, adding/deleting elements, keywords, images, etc.
Outline GuidelinesUse H3s/H4s and relevant keywords/phrases to provide structure and help AI understand the content.
For BloggersAllows quick creation of structured, SEO-optimized blog posts.
Pros & ConsPros: Customization, control, variables. Cons: Limitations, incompatibility, costs.
Review SummaryCustom outlines provide control and customization if used properly with variables, guidelines, etc.

H2 & H3 Subheadings

Using H2 and H3 subheadings in your custom outlines helps structure your article and make it easier to read. Give examples of effective custom outlines and include tips for writing better subheadings to maximize their use.

For instance, a single line in the custom outline input box becomes an H2 subheading. Use a dash () before an item to make it an H3 subheading and a double dash () before an item to make it an H4 subheading.

Additionally, consider the order of the subheadings, the keywords used, and the language appropriate for an audience that desires control. With these best practices, you can unlock the power of custom outlines in ZimmWriter.

Variables & Listings

Understand using variables and listings in custom outlines to help structure and organize your article.

Using custom variables, you can create a more detailed and organized article. You can automatically generate a list or table using the {list} and {table} variables. This gives you control over the structure and content of your article.

With the {list} variable, you can generate a list with a 5% chance of it not appearing on lower-powered models. The {table} variable has the same 5% chance of not appearing.

Using the {auto_h3_#} variable, you can generate a specified number of H3s, but it’s incompatible with the auto-h3 checkbox in the bulk writer.

Additionally, you can use the {yt} variable to prompt ZimmWriter to find a relevant YouTube video. This will cost 5 credits and requires ScrapeOwl.

Use {optimize_title} along with {yt} to optimize the title.

Auto-H3 & YouTube Video

From the basics of custom outline variables to unlocking the power of auto-H3 and YouTube videos, ZimmWriter allows you to customize content to your specifications. Using the {auto_h3_#} and {yt} variables in your custom outlines, you can take control of your content and create content tailored to your needs.

When using auto-H3 and YouTube video integration, it’s important to remember best practices. For instance, use cases of the {yt} variable should include the {optimize_title} variable for better results. Regarding auto-H3s, remember the auto-h3 checkbox in the bulk writer is incompatible with the {auto_h3_#} variable.

Overriding Settings

Custom outlines allow you to take control of your content and override settings in Bulk Writer and Penny Arcade. Although custom outlines give you more control, potential drawbacks should be considered.

Using an auto-keyword with an ambiguous element in an outline may cause the generated content to be inaccurate. It’s important to follow best practices to maximize the effectiveness of custom outlines.

Custom variables don’t matter for one subheading. Additionally, it’s beneficial to disable the lists checkbox option when using the {list} variable, as lower-powered AI models, like Turbo, may have a 5% chance of not getting a list.

Variable Order & Auto-Keywords

When working with custom outlines, it’s important to consider the order of variables and the use of auto-keywords to maximize content accuracy. The benefits of using auto-keywords include more accurate and relevant content.

Additionally, following best practices for organizing the order of variables can help ensure content flows naturally and meets the desired goal.

For example, when using {list} and {table} variables, the order should be {list}, {table}, and then any other variables. If not, the AI may try to generate a table or list for the other variables.

Using auto-keywords, ensure the keyword is appropriate for the ambiguous outline elements to avoid inaccurate content.

Information & Ownership

Gain insight into the ownership and usage of custom outlines on ZimmWriter to ensure accuracy and relevancy in your content.

With ZimmWriter, bloggers and content creators can unlock the power of custom outlines to create content that fits their needs. By exploring the variables available, you can ensure your content is tailored to your audience.

Custom outlines offer benefits such as auto-generated H2s, H3s, and H4s and the ability to add {list} and {table} variables. Furthermore, the {auto_h3_#} and {yt} variables can provide even more options. By taking advantage of these variables, you can create content that is both organized and creative.

Editing & Optimization

Optimizing your content with ZimmWriter’s custom outlines can help you create engaging, organized, and creative content.

Editing techniques for custom outlines include rearranging the order of elements, deleting unnecessary elements, and adding new elements.

Strategies for optimizing custom outlines include adding keywords, adding relevant images, and formatting the outline for readability.

Additionally, you can add custom variables, such as {list} or {table}, to make your custom outline more dynamic.

Outline Guidelines

Utilize H3 and H4 subheadings to provide better structure to your content. This allows for more customization and control when generating content.

You can also optimize and edit your outlines for improved content generation. Use keywords and phrases relevant to the topic to ensure that the AI understands the structure of the content.

Additionally, break up your outlines into manageable chunks with H3s and H4s. This can help the AI produce more organized and better-structured content.

With the right guidelines, you can unlock the power of custom outlines in ZimmWriter.

Who Is This Best For? – Bloggers

If you’re a blogger, custom ZimmWriter outlines are perfect. They allow you to generate content based on a structured outline quickly.

With custom outlines, you can easily create SEO-optimized blog posts. You can also organize and structure your content for maximum efficiency.

From H2s, H3s, and H4s to {list} and {table} variables, you’ll have the tools you need to craft your perfect post.

Additionally, you can use the {auto_h3_#} variable to generate a specific number of H3s. You can also use the {yt} variable to find a relevant YouTube video.

What is ZimmWriter?

ZimmWriter allows you to unlock the power of custom outlines for any blog post, article, or other content. Its intuitive design makes it easy to avoid common mistakes and create effective custom outlines.

Best practices include using H2s, H3s, and H4s, along with custom variables like {list} and {yt} to give your content a unique edge.

Pros & Cons – Comparison

Comparing the pros and cons of using ZimmWriter’s custom outlines is important in determining whether it’s the right tool for you. By understanding the benefits and drawbacks, you can better decide if the cost of unlocking the power of custom outlines is worth it for your needs.

Weighing the pros and cons will ensure you make an informed decision and get the most out of the ZimmWriter experience.


With custom outlines, you can design the structure of your post titles and have them automatically generated, thereby giving you complete control.

You can also use H2s, H3s, and H4s to create an organized, detailed structure. Custom variables can be used to generate lists and tables and prompt the AI to find relevant YouTube videos.


Limitations of the custom outlines in the software can be frustrating. For example, there is incompatibility with the auto-h3 checkbox in the bulk writer, and there is a 5% chance of not getting a list with lower-powered models.

Additionally, the {yt} variable requires using ScrapeOwl and costs 5 credits per usage.

Common mistakes to avoid include not disabling the lists checkbox when using the {list} variable and not using auto-keywords with ambiguous outline elements.

Review Conclusion – Summary

Creating effective custom outlines is not as daunting as it may appear. With ZimmWriter’s user-friendly design and AI-powered feature, you can easily create outlines with the desired results.

To optimize your custom outlines, make sure to take advantage of the {list} and {table} variables, as well as the {auto_h3_#} and {yt} options. These features will allow you to take your outlines to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any tips or tricks for getting the most out of custom outlines?

Creating custom outlines for your blog posts can be a great way to maximize control. Use H2s, H3s, and H4s to structure your content. Try using variables like {list} and {yt} for even more control. Finally, follow guidelines and use auto-keywords carefully for the best results.

How much does the {yt} variable cost?

The {yt} variable costs 5 credits per usage and is an excellent tool for streamlining your editing workflow and saving time. It requires ScrapeOwl so that you can take complete control of your content creation.

How do I use the {optimize_title} variable?

Explore the benefits, assess the limitations, and analyze the impact of using the {optimize_title} variable. It gives you control to customize titles and maximize SEO potential, but weighing the pros and cons before making the best decision for your content is essential.

What is the difference between {list} and {table} variables?

Personalize and customize your content with the {list} and {table} variables. Automated memory optimization lets you quickly generate content according to your desired specifications. Gain control of your content with these variables, and enjoy the convenience of automated personalization.

Are there any compatibility issues when using {auto_h3_#} variable?

Yes, there is. The {auto_h3_#} variable is incompatible with the auto-h3 checkbox in Bulk Writer. Compare features and create templates carefully to avoid any issues.

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