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Treasure Map is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course by holistic SEO mentor Casey Keith that teaches how to rank based on Google patents. Treasure Map is a collaboration of videos and insights that, under Casey’s guidance, have proven effective across multiple industries. Users will gain access to our Google Meet sessions and a new private Facebook Group where these topics can be covered more openly.

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Treasure Map (Early Adopter Version)

Treasure Map (Early Adopter Version) is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course by holistic SEO mentor Casey Keith that teaches how to rank based on Google patents. Treasure Map is a collaboration of videos and insights that, under Casey’s guidance, have proven effective across multiple industries. Users will gain access to our Google Meet sessions and a new private Facebook Group where these topics can be covered more openly.

Treasure Map (Early Adopter Version) includes FREE* access to a SAAS of Casey’s design. The SAAS is a series of tools that help users create better content, track keywords, and improve their SEO game. The SAAS will also help with entity extraction, identification, and analysis. The SAAS will also have tools for automated schema creation. The SAAS also develops your Knowledge Graph and increases your Topical Authority. Have the SAAS create article outlines and background with salience applied. Get the granular details that stand out against standard AI ad copy with the help of Treasure Map (Early Adopter Version).

Users who DO NOT purchase the Treasure Map (Early Adopter Version) can still access the SAAS at a monthly fee. The monthly plans of the SAAS will be announced later on the SAAS’s official website.

Treasure Map (Early Adopter Version) will continue to be updated as Casey’s Crew and users have questions that need to be covered in more depth. We will continue to record and add new search engine optimization concepts that the community will benefit from to the course.

The Treasure Map course covers:

  • Ranking and quality factors
  • Prompt engineering
  • E-E-A-T
  • Schema
  • Local SEO
  • Google Ads PPC
  • Semantics
  • Email marketing
  • Automation FTW
  • Ontologies
  • Agency guides
  • Software, tools, prompts, schema, templates, software and more

These videos are recordings during live Google Meet sessions, and all users were informed of the recording and were willing participants in the recordings.

Enroll in Treasure Map (Early Adopter Version) and dig up your golden nuggets of wisdom. It is advanced by simplicity.

*User will still need their own API's from 3rd-party vendors like TextRazor and OpenAI (instructions inside).

5 reviews for Treasure Map

  1. Gagan (verified owner)

    This SEO course by Casey has been an absolute game-changer for me. Casey’s semantic approach to SEO, backed by insights derived from Google patents, sets this course apart from others in the field.

    The collaboration of videos and guidance provided by Casey has proven to be incredibly effective across various industries. The inclusion of Google Meet sessions and access to a private Facebook Group has facilitated a more interactive learning experience. Being an early adopter not only gave me exclusive access to these resources – an added bonus that exceeded my expectations.

    The Treasure Map course covers a comprehensive range of topics, from fundamental concepts like ranking and quality factors to advanced strategies such as prompt engineering. The abundance of software, tools, prompts, schema, templates, and more, provided as part of the course, has been invaluable in implementing the strategies effectively.

    Casey’s expertise shines through in each module, making complex SEO concepts accessible and actionable.

    The Treasure Map SEO course has exceeded my expectations and has significantly enhanced my understanding and implementation of SEO strategies. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upskill in the SEO domain. Thank you Casey for putting out such a brilliant course and platform.

  2. Mujtaba Irfan (verified owner)

    I learned about Semantics and Topical Authority from Koray and decided to take a course on Topical Authority.

    Although I gained valuable insights that I am grateful for, I found it challenging to apply the strategies on my own.

    Fortunately, I joined Casey’s group and learned many useful tips from his Google Meets.

    I later purchased his course, which simplified Semantics SEO, Ontologies, prompt engineering, schema, EEAT, and other topics, making it easier for me to apply what I learned.

    I’m grateful to Casey for providing us with important SAAS tools free of charge with this course.

    • Casey Keith

      WOW! That’s nice hear I am being understood. I really do try to teach in simple English.

  3. Mitch Martinez (verified owner)

    The Treasure Map SEO training course has changed everything I know about SEO. What I thought I knew in the past was mostly wrong, right for the wrong reasons, or incomplete. All of the information that I currently know and value can be directly credited to Casey Keith and the Treasure Map course. The group participation video chats are an amazing added bonus and really the gift that keeps on giving. There isn’t a single day that I don’t get new information and great value.

    My journey in SEO is relatively young but I think the future is bright with all thanks going to Casey and the Treasure Map training.

    • Casey Keith

      Your thoughtful review has touched my heart! I’m overjoyed to know that the Treasure Map SEO course has completely transformed your SEO knowledge. Hearing that the training provided the clarity and understanding you were missing means more to me than you know. Too often, incomplete or misguided SEO advice leads people astray, so I made it my mission to create a program that cuts through the noise.

      I can’t thank you enough for your kind words about the group video chats. Building a warm, supportive community of learners uplifting one another was just as important to me as imparting SEO mastery. Your comment about getting tremendous daily value from those connections delights me to no end!

      Although your SEO journey may be relatively new, I have no doubt your future is luminously bright based on the passion and dedication I sense from you. I feel so privileged to have played a role in setting you on the path to SEO success. Hardworking, driven students like yourself fill my heart and inspire me to keep pouring my all into this work.

      Thank you again, a thousand times over, for this incredibly heartfelt review. Your support and faith in me mean everything. I can’t wait to celebrate all your amazing SEO accomplishments to come!

  4. markus_spassfotograf (verified owner)

    A great course where you can learn soooo much – it’s phantastic. Highly recommended! These are the real essentials you need. The techniques and methods represent an enormous advantage over your competitors.

    Plus, Casey provides several SAAS tools for free as a bonus when you purchase the course.

    So for every SEO interested business, its a goldmine! Go and get it! It’s worth every penny!

    • Casey Keith

      Thank you so much for your outstanding review! I’m thrilled to hear that you found tremendous value in the SEO Mastery course. Your kind words about the course content covering the real essentials and providing techniques/methods to gain an advantage over competitors mean a lot.

      I particularly appreciate you highlighting the bonus SAAS tools included with the course purchase. My goal was to provide not just world-class training, but also practical tools to immediately implement what you learn.

      Reviews like yours make all the hard work worthwhile. It’s so rewarding to know the course is helping businesses like yours level-up their SEO game. Thanks again for your ringing endorsement – I’m grateful for students like you!

  5. Owen Ebbers (verified owner)

    I have bought many seo courses, and all teach you the same tricks and tips, but Casey is different. She teaches you how to really understand what Google wants, and how to make content that not only your reader/customer wants, but Google loves at well. To be honest it was a bit overwhelming to know that you know nothing about seo until you implement everything what Casey teaches you, and more importantly how to think for yourself and keep expanding your own horizon. Before this I was planning to quit seo, but with this course it will help me improve and get all the goals which I have set, when I started.

    I am still learning day by day, but the day will come that I make a bank because of Casey and her wonderful team and friends. This is the best environment to learn step by step.

    Huge shoutout to this course and it will be all worth it in a short amount of time.

    Back to learning. The treasure map course will be the treasure to change your whole seo lifestyle and methodology.

    I would give 10 stars if I could.

    • Casey Keith

      Owen, I can’t thank you enough for your incredibly kind and thoughtful review of my SEO course. Reading your words filled me with so much gratitude and motivation to keep doing what I’m doing.

      It means the world to me that you found the course truly valuable in understanding what Google wants and how to create reader-focused yet SEO-friendly content. I’m overjoyed that it helped reignite your passion for SEO after feeling like you wanted to quit. Hearing that you’re still learning and implementing what I taught day by day, with the confidence that it will lead you to achieving your goals, is the highest praise an instructor could ask for.

      Your commitment to continuous self-improvement and expanding your SEO horizons is inspiring. I have no doubt the “Treasure Map” methodology will be transformative for your entire approach to SEO. I’m honored to play a role in your journey and personal growth.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and for being a part of this wonderful community of learners. Reviews like yours make all the hard work my team and I put in worth it a thousand times over. We’ll keep striving to create the best possible learning environment. I can’t wait to see you flourish!

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